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Artificial Intelligence Education Laboratory


The computer room at E-1/F-07 has been reopened as the Artificial Intelligence Education Laboratory. The venue has been refurbished with 40 high-performance desktop computers with graphic cards, suitable for computation-intensive tasks such as image analyses, game design, AR/ VR design and video editing. State-of-the-art interactive display panels were installed to facilitate classes and group interactions.

To understand more about the many possibilities of the venue, please watch this video:

(English version) Artificial Intelligence Education Laboratory
(Chinese version) 人工智能教育實驗室

aidcec will offer workshops on the use of this Lab soon. OCIO will also offer workshops on how to use the various pieces of equipment in this facility, such as the classroom control system, interactive boards and sound-recording system. Above all, this multi-purpose facility will further enrich the landscape of AI education and pedagogical innovation at EdUHK.

Coverage on iConnect about the Artificial Intelligence Education Laboratory
(for EdUHK staff and students only)

Metaverse Education Lab


The Metaverse Education Lab is well equipped with 27” iMac, 3D printers and interactive boards for students to learn mobile app development and 3D printing design and production.

This room is accredited as Apple Regional Training Center (RTC).

This room is accredited as Apple Regional Training Center (RTC)

STEM Innovation Hub


The STEM Innovation Hub of aidcec at C-LP-06 will serve as a connection point of aidcec with students and staff to promote e-Learning and digital competency development. When the STEM Innovation Hub becomes available, students and staff members can experience cutting edge technologies, such as reinforcement learning in Artificial Intelligence Literacy. Powerful computers will also be available for students to practice e-Learning and digital competency related activities, such as Scratch, App Inventor, and Python programming.


Booking of the STEM Innovation Hub can be made through the iBooking System.


Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 9:30am – 11:30am, 2:30pm – 5:30pm

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday: Closed

*Booking must be made at least one working day (Monday to Friday) in advance.



Roadshow is to be constantly organised at the STEM Innovation Hub during lunch hours for EdUHK students and staff to experience the environment of the Hub and to get familiar with various educational technologies. Please stay tuned for the Roadshow!


Extended Reality Room (CAVE)


Located on 2/F of the MMW Library with 140m2. The Extended Reality Room, or XR Room, providing hardware and software for augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality for different learning and teaching needs.  This XR room contains a VR Experience Zone and a CAVE.

Students can use VR treadmill and ultra-wide gaming station in VR Experience Zone.

The VR CAVE is one of the largest CAVE in Hong Kong, providing 360-degree interactive 4-side and floor projections, as well as surround sound system.

Academic and teaching staff can reserve this room for classes. Please contact Library System Support at email libtech@eduhk.hk or call 2948 6661 beforehand to discuss prior arrangements.

Mobile Computing Laboratory


The Mobile Computing Laboratory is well equipped with tablets, mobiles devices, robots, electronically programmable parts to facilitate students’ development of computational thinking skills through coding education and the remote control of physical objects.